Most great things are usually built by organized teams.

ORows empowers teams to organize data and collaborate on it, with an excel/spreadsheet like interface.

Easily define your data schema and set complex nested relationships using the intuitive visual editor.

Add fields such as images, files, rich text, multiselect e.t.c.

Set validations, calculated fields, and custom formatting.

Create views to filter, sort, group and transform your data to share it as a chart or report.

Granular permissions not only at row level but field level too. You can share parts of data with others for editing or have it view-only with ability for commenting and accepting suggestions.

Version history is automatically saved. If you make a mistake, or someone accidentally adds bad data, you can always audit and fix it.

Import/export from excel, csv, json or simply just copy-paste. You could even expose views as a REST API and receive callbacks when something changes.

Build a serverless website or app with ORows as your database and management portal. Get from idea to execution within minutes.

Your team can work offline and automatically sync when they're connected. Your data is always with you.

ORows are spreadsheets re-invented for the 21st Century.

Send an email to hello@orows.com if you are interested.